Stheno (Greek: Σθεννώ, English translation: "forceful"), in Greek mythology, was the eldest of the Gorgons, vicious female monsters with brass hands, sharp fangs and "hair" made of living venomous snakes. The daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, she was born in the caverns beneath Mount Olympus. She and her sister Euryale were both immortal, and the third sister, Medusa, was mortal.
Of the three Gorgons, she was known to be the most independent and ferocious, having killed more men than both of her sisters combined.
STHENO Is an ANAGLYPHIC Illustration, It must be viewed with AnaGlyphic 3D Glasses to achieve its Full Effect.
*Not the 3D Glasses from the movie goose*
STHENO Illustration without Anaglyph
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