Event poster designed by:
Mike O'Brien — http://redtablepress.com/
My piece for HOLE IN THE SKY'S 90s themed artshow
The ninth in Hole in the Sky's ongoing series of excellent art shows, this timearound we're pumped to present ARTSHOW_09: WELCOME TO THE 90's.
In which we showcase the 90's-themed artworks of these crucial peeps:
Sauna Boyz — http://www.deardourff.com/
PlayBackTheTape — http://www.playbackthetape.com/
Meg Vazquez — http://megvazquez.tumblr.com/
Nicolet Schenck — http://www.nicoletschenck.com/
Sarah O'Donoghue — http://cargocollective.com/sarahodonoghue
Superwaxx — http://instagram.com/superwaxx
Jimmy Giegerich — http://www.jgillustration.com/
Greg Kletsel — http://www.gregkletsel.com/
Ryan Troy Ford — http://ryantroyford.com/
Eileen Tjan — http://eileentjan.com/
Nightmare Mikey — http://www.nightmaremikey.com/
Ryan Florig — http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryanflorig
LA Johnson — http://www.thelajohnson.com/
Saman Bemel-Benrud — http://trashmoon.com/
Bonner Sale — http://bonnersale.com/
Wilderness Bureau — http://www.wildernessbureau.com/
Sean Berg
keyhansolo — http://keyhansolo.tumblr.com/
Rose Jaffe — http://rosejaffe.com/
Abi — http://www.abidoe.com/
Brody Rose — http://brodyrose.com/
Kevin Sottek
Mike O'Brien — http://redtablepress.com/
2110 5th St NE -- 2nd Floor, Washington, District of Columbia 20002
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