A Japanese-inspired event that brings the energy and excitement
surrounding its pop culture experiences to Washington, DC.
On Saturday, April 16, at 6:00 pm, Events DC presents Cherry Blast! Every spring this vibrant gathering proves a popular combination of Japanese sights, sounds and tastes, and this year, the event creatively spotlights all things related to anime, cosplay and gaming. This April, the fun launches in a new location –in the heart of downtown DC —at the Carnegie Library at Mt. Vernon Square.  The Japanese-inspired event brings the energy and excitement surrounding its pop cultural experiences to the Festival. At Carnegie Library, revelers can enjoy a range of activities from manga and gaming to electric drifting competitions. Attendees can also partake in creative cosplay contests and learn about the latest Japanese fashion trends – straight from the runway. And the opportunity to relish in mouth-watering Tokyo street food, sake tastings and sushi workshops are just a few of the experiences available.  As part of the programing Art Whino will curate a massive group art show featuring cherry blossom-inspired pieces as well as showcase the artwork of Roger Snider.

Saturday, April 16th, from 6pm - 2am
Carnegie Library at Mt. Vernon Square
801 K Street, NW Washington, DC 20001
This is a ticketed event and tickets can be purchased HERE

Sushi & Sake Workshops

Cosplay Competition

Tokyo Street Food Experience

Manga Vendors

Anime Fashion Show

Gaming & Drift Car Competition

Live Painting & Cherry Blossom Inspired Art Show
Participating Artists in Cherry Blossom Inspired Group Art Show

Anna rose soevik
Bagger 43
Brendon Palmer-Angell
Briana Hertzog
Bryan Collins
Caia Kooman
Chris B. Murray
Chris Bishop
Chris Sheridan
Cita Sadeli 'Chelove
Craig Skibs Barker
Czr Prz
Damon Lucas
Dave Lowell
El Estabo
Fithi Abraham
Gabriel Pons
Graham Franchoise
Greg Ferrand
in.fa.mousIKB Imani
Jacob Eveland
Jacobe Noonan
James Walker
Jason Limon
Jason White
Jeremiah Ketner
John Wentz
Joseph Martinez
Josh Taylor
Josie Morway
Kat Gun
Kevin "Double Down" Bednarz
Lou Pimentel
Marka 27
Mas Paz
Matt Corrado  
Mc Baldassari
Melanie Pruitt
Mr. Christopher
Nick Zimbro
Nightmare Mikey
Nils Westergard
Patrick Haemmerlein
Richard Salcido
Rodrigo Pradel
Santos Shelton
Shawn Yu
The Tonus
Thom Glick
Tim Rodgers
Tony Philippou
Toobz noel
Ursula Xanthe Young
Walt Hall
Yuhmi Collective
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