A 21-page interview with Copywrite; a 13-page interview with Von Poe VII; an interview with Tef Wesley; an interview with Onry Ozzborn; an interview spread with 12 hip hop artists about their time as educators (this includes J-Zone, John Robinson, Substantial, Wordsworth, Mega Ran, Jesse Abraham, Brzowski, J.Quest, Lucas Dix, MC Bravado, Mikal Amin, and Mr. Kinetik); there is a "Hello My Name Is" introduction spread that features mini Q&As with musicians, ranging between pop and rock (including GreyMarket, Hadassah, Jackson Dyer, Noita, and Polartropica); in our "4 Questions" segments, there are mini Q&As with visual artists Dennis Gabbana, Dirty Robot, and Alison Stinely; an interview with illustrator Brock Hofer; an interview with illustrator Nightmare Mikey; an interview with graffiti artist Kenji Chai; an article about creating art and the love associated with it, contributed by Has-Lo; a special feature with Eric Biddines, where he shares 10 secrets about his life; and 12 mini album reviews.
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